Lunar Necklace
Lunar Necklace
Lunar Necklace

Lunar Necklace

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The lunar pendant is a representation of the cyclical energy that exists in nature, and within us all. Just like the moon, life is in a constant state of flux. It is a reminder to honor each phase as it comes and goes. 

  • Pendant is 16mm in diameter
  • 18 inch chain length + 2 inch extension
  • Available with or without a chain
Each piece is hand sawn, hammered, soldered, and polished by me, in my little home studio. The result is that each piece will be unique, and made just for you. 
Sterling Silver
Handcrafted using recycled sterling silver. 
Gold Vermeil
Handcrafted using recycled sterling silver, then dipped in 14k gold. Gold Vermeil indicates a much thicker layer of gold than regular gold plating, however, to extend the life of your piece it will require special care. Please click here for care instructions. The nature of Gold Vermeil jewelry is that its color will fade over time. The rate of wear can vary greatly, depending on care, climate, and body chemistry. In most cases, we are able to re-plate your piece for you. Please click here for more information on gold re-plating. 
Gold-filled indicates a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded over a base of high quality jewelers brass. With proper care, gold-filled jewelry will maintain its color for many years to come. Please click here for care instructions.