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Mood Ring
Mood Ring

Mood Ring

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This piece was brought to life when I was testing some stamps on a scrap piece of silver and unintentionally formed this little face. It make me giggle, and I hope it does the same for you! It's unofficial name is 'A Short Summary of 2020', but you can call it whatever you want. 
Each piece is hand sawn, hammered, soldered, and polished by me, in my little home studio. The result is that each piece will be unique, and made just for you. 
Sterling Silver
Handcrafted using recycled sterling silver. 
Gold Vermeil
Handcrafted using recycled sterling silver, then dipped in 14k gold. Gold Vermeil indicates a much thicker layer of gold than regular gold plating, however, to extend the life of your piece it will require special care. Please click here for care instructions. The nature of Gold Vermeil jewelry is that its color will fade over time. The rate of wear can vary greatly, depending on care, climate, and body chemistry. In most cases, we are able to re-plate your piece for you. Please click here for more information on gold re-plating. 
Don't know your ring size? Visit our ring sizing page for tips & tricks to find your perfect fit.
Credit to Gabrielle Janke and Mollie Laura for naming this ring!